Beaches in municipality of Platanias

Platanias is well known for its long stretches of sandy beaches which extend all along the northern coast , from Platanias Village itself westwards right along the neighbouring villages of Gerani, Maleme, Tavronitis and Kamissiana up to Kolymbari .The cleanliness of these beaches and the crystal clear waters of the sea have righteously earned them “blue flags” and attract visitors from all over the world – visitors who come back to Platanias year after year for their holidays. Let’s have a closer look :

  1. Platanias Beach : Golden sands and crystal clear waters extending for kilometers along the northern coast with restaurants and taverns serving delicious food as well as cafeterias where you can relax and enjoy ice cream, refreshments or coffee.
  2. Gerani Village Beach : 1.5 kms of fine sand and, in some spots, pebbles. There are deck chairs and umbrellas available as well as taverns and cafeterias.
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  3. Maleme Beach : 1000 metres of clean sands, pebbles and waters ,with a blue flag award for enjoyable swimming and relaxation.
  4. Tavronitis village Beach : a well- organized beach with small or bigger pebbles , deck chairs and umbrellas as well as cafeterias, taverns etc. , ideal for quiet , relaxing holidays.
  5. Rapaniana village Beach : combining sand and pebbles, this beach is far away from the noise of most crowded beaches along the northern coast of the island and, if you don’t mind the seasonal winds (called meltemia ) , then it’s ideal for quiet family holidays.
  6. Kolymbari village Beach : Apart from other sights and monuments such as the “Gonia” Monastery and the Orthodox Academy of Crete , the Kolymbari village shore is lined with picturesque traditional taverns where you can enjoy delicious sea food and local cuisine dishes cooked with top quality ingredients produced locally. There are also numerous cafeterias serving coffee , refreshments, ice cream or snacks.
  7. Afrata village Beach : a secluded sandy beach only 3 kms away from Kolymbari, ideal for swimming and relaxation .
  8. Menies or Diktynna Beach : pebble beach with clear waters on the spot where,centuries ago, there existed a temple dedicated to the goddess Diana.
  9. Ravdouha village Beach :a quiet beach of pebbles, open to seasonal winds but with a rocky sea bottom , ideal for snorkeling.

There are also many beautiful beaches available in the county of Chania (415 km coastline), many of which are organised for bathers and are combined with exceptional hotel units. The beaches of Nea Chora, Chrissi Akti, Ag. Apostoloi, Agia Marina, Kissamos, Balos, Falassarna, Elafonissi, Paleochora, Sougia, Loutro, Fragokastelo, Sfakia, Marathi, Kalives, Georgoupolis, Kavros, Almirida, are only a small selection of the most popular beaches of Chania.

Balos :
The famous Balos Lagoon lies about 56 kms. to the north-west of the City of Chania or 17 kms north-west of Kissamos. It is a shallow-waters, sandy beach formed between the Gramvoussa Cape and the smaller one called “Tigani”. There is no doubt that Balos has had its picture taken more often than any other beach on the whole island and it is definitely the favourite topic and photo of all Greek tourist guide books.
The Balos Lagoon is famous for its crystal-clear emerald- coloured waters, its exceptional natural beauty and the exotic scenery . It is no wonder why, in summer, it attracts thousands of visitors daily, visitors coming mainly from Kissamos by boat.

Elafonissi :
Seventy five kms to the south-west of the City of Chania lies a truly remarkable beach – the Elafonissi beach. The trip to Elafonissi is also exceptionally beautiful leading through an impressive ravine and giving the visitor the opportunity to get a closer look at another , wilder part of the Cretan landscape. On exiting the ravine , however, you come across a totally different sight. The white sands, tinted with touches of pink, combined with the crystal clear turquoise waters in the shade of the tamarisk and cedar trees comprise a really unforgettable picture. There is a narrow stretch of water separating the beach from the little island whose eastern part is also of exotic beauty while the western part is rocky and not particularly inviting. The Elafonissi beach is truly enchanting especially if visited during the low season when there aren’t so many visitors- the impression from this amazing place will remain an “indelible” part of your memories.

On the most western part of the island of Crete , right where the sun vanishes in the horizon, lies the beach of Falassarna , one of the best in Chania , and definitely worth visiting. At a distance of 75 kms from the city of Chania, it is a well-organised beach with deck chairs, umbrellas and beach bars.There are also restaurants and taverns along the coastline.
On the northernmost part there lie the ruins of the ancient city of Falassarna which used to be an important port in ancient times.

The main beach in the village is a beautiful one with clean waters and golden sands , well-organized with deck chairs, beach bars and all the necessary infrastructure in order to help the visitor feel comfortable and enjoy the summer holidays.

If, however, you feel like exploring the area, there are numerous other beaches to the west – not organized but worth visiting. A recommended one is the one called “Krios” . It lies 10 kms to the west of Paleohora , a long stretch of pebbled coast. It is a good choice since there are three parts to it. The first part has no organization, deck chairs etc. In the middle there is a beach bar where deck chairs are available and, finally the third part is the one nudists prefer. The waters along all three parts are very clear and cool , while the only shade you can get is in the few caves found along the coast.

What is in abundance in this location is cool , clear waters, pebbles and cobbles, tall mountains on one side and the Libyan Sea on the other side.

Sougia is mysteriously beautiful in a peculiar way. The scenery is breathtaking , and there is a part for nudists. This beach attracts mainly young people who love nature. There is plenty of shade as well as the necessary infrastructure comfortable enough to explore the area and enjoy your stay. Something which will surprise you : the underwater cave , well hidden under the cliff on the left part of the beach.