Cretan Olive Oil

Cretan Olive oil is well-known worldwide!

It is well- known because it is not manufactured or processed in any way. It is a natural product produced by the crushing of olives , without the use of extracts or additives.
The olive tree cultivators who produce it take extra care of their olive groves in order to get the best possible product – the best in quality and content of nutrients. Both the olive presses as well as the bottling plants are very careful in their job, showing great respect for the product itself as well as its consumers .
It has recently been proved and is widely believed that this olive oil is the biggest secret of the Cretan Diet and Longevity .
According to scientific research recently and continuously carried out in Europe and America it has been revealed that olive oil protects the heart , helps in the good function of many organs and has a beneficial effect on a lot of diseases.
Instead of the butter you usually spread on your bread for breakfast , try wholemeal bread or rusk dipped in extra virgin olive oil. If you wish, it can be flavoured by adding herbs in the glass container where it is kept. There is no better, tastier and healthier breakfast in the world !

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