Cultural- Religious events

All year round there are many cultural and religious events held in many parts of the Platanias Municipality.

Some, mainly the religious name days of saints, are held on specific dates which do not change year after year. Others, however, cultural or religious, are movable e.g. Easter. More specific information is continuously uploaded on our site so that, depending on the time you intend to visit Platanias, you will know which ones you can attend.

Here is a list of the most important ones:


  • The Platanias “Agriculture and Tourism” Festival: held in the centre of Platanias Town in July between the 15th and the 30th. It is an exhibition of local products , also including sample tasting of the products and of Cretan Diet recipes as well as concerts of folk music and dancing. There is no admission fee.
  • The Christmas or Santa Claus Village : held in Omalos at the very entrance to the Samaria Gorge.
  • The Marathon for Peace : held in the beginning of February . A 10 km race from Maleme to Kalidonia village on the Spada Peninsula(also known as the “Peninsula of Peace”)
  • World Day for the environment: held in the beginning of June in the picturesque village of Kyparissos.
  • The Feast of “klidonas” (a very old local tradition): held in one of the highest mountain peaks – that of Apopigadi in Sebronas village.
  • The Feast of Cherries : held in the village of Karanou in June.
  • The Feast of Fisheries : held in Kolymbari village in the beginning of August
  • The Feast of Wine :held in the village of Vouves in July
  • Many concerts of Cretan popular music and modern Greek music : held along the coast or in various parts of the Platanias area.
  • Numerous ceremonies on the anniversary of historical events such as that of the Battle of Crete. The main celebrations for this anniversary are held at the end of May in the famous Maleme Airport and the Memorial at the Keritis River near the village of Alikianos.
  • Many theatrical performances by professional or amateur actors
  • Carnivals : the main one in the village of Vatolakkos – on the Sunday right before Clean Monday


  • Christmas on December 25
  • Epiphany on January 6
  • The Assumption of the Virgin on August 15
  • Easter (movable)
  • Clean Monday (movable)
  • The name day of St. John the Baptist on January 7
  • The name day of St. Demetrios on October 26
  • The name day of St Eleftherios on December 15
  • The name day of St. Anthony on January 17
  • The name day of St. Nicholas on December 6
  • The feast of the Holy Cross on September 14