Eco Tourism

The Platanias beaches are among the most cosmopolitan on the island and they have all been awarded with blue flags since they have crystal clear waters for swimming, they are clean and well organised, safe for swimmers and visitors, they ensure the protection of the coast and the beach itself and , last but not least, they function with environmental awareness.

Within the limits of the Platanias Municipality and along these beaches there is a protected part where the careta-careta turtles lay their eggs. This is why the Association for the Protection of the Sea Turtle – “Archelon”- has been based there ever since 1989.


  1. Gramvoussa- Tigani-Falassarna-Pontikonissi-Livadi Haven-Viglia
  2. Elafonissos including all the coastal region
  3. Rodopou Peninsula- Maleme Coast
  4. Elos- Topolia- Sassalos-Agios Dikeos
  5. Sougia Inlet- Vardia-Lissos Ravineup to Anydrous and the whole coastal region
  6. Agia Lake- Platanias- the whole Keritis riverbed and its estuary- Phassa Valley
  7. Therissos Ravine
  8. The Lefka Ori mountain range down to the coastal region
  9. Drapanos on the north-eastern coast- the Georgioupolis coast- Kournas Lake
  10. Fres- Tzitzifes- Nipos (in Apokoronas region)
  11. Asfendou – Kallikratis- coastal region
  12. Gavdos island and Gavdopoula
  13. Samaria National Park- Tripiti Ravine- Psilafi- Koustogerako
  14. The coast from Chryssoskalitissa to Cape Krios
  15. Meterizia- Agios Dikeos-Tsounara- Vitsilia of the Lefka Ori
  16. The little island of Agii Theodori
  17. Kallikrati Ravine- Argouliano Ravine-Manika Plateau