European Energy Week!

In the European Energy Week from 23 to 28 June 2014 and parallel events in European States, the Municipality of Platanias in collaboration with the Region of Crete, supports the ‘solar tour’ of Crete with innovative hybrid solar vehicle which is designed and constructed by Cretan engineers and scientists.

The Municipality of Platanias, as deeply sensitive to energy matters, welcome energy vehicle in the crossroad of Kolymvari on Monday, June 30th at 13:00 noon, where escorted cyclists will travel through the Old National Road, to the square of Platanias. There, the vehicle will be parked for about three hours, where residents and guests of the Municipality will have the opportunity to experience the vehicle nearby.

The ‘solar tour’ of Crete length 780km will make 14 stops in 12 municipalities of Crete, one of which is the Platanias, promoting innovation, sustainable mobility, solar energy and their connection with the local entrepreneurship and sustainable and eco-tourism.

Whoever of the citizens want to attend and accompany the procession with the bike, could be located in the crossroad of Kolymvari at 13:00 Monday, June 30.