The Feast of the Orange blossoms Essence ………..

If you choose May for your holidays in Platanias, you will have the opportunity to share with the people of Fournes village the revival of a very old tradition: every year , in spring, the women of the village get together in small groups and carried out the process of extracting the fragrant essence  of orange blossoms.

These “anthonera”, as they are called (the word meaning “rose water” ) are literally scented water produced by distillation of flowers coming from orange, lemon as well as  sour orange  trees – often roses are added .

This sweetly fragrant water has long been known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and invigorating qualities. It helps relax the muscles of the face and is ideal for sensitive, tired and aged skin as well as for oily hair.

Its reconstruction properties enhance the production of collagen while discouraging the formation of dry skin and wrinkles. It is also widely used in the making of various pastries such as “galaktoboureko” (custard filled pastry “drowned” in syrup), “kourambiedes” (Christmas cookies covered in caster sugar) and Easter cookies.

This water can also be used for “soothing” pads, for skin cleansing and for adding an extra aromatic touch to your bath water.

It can even be sprayed in a room as a disinfectant and an air freshener.

This year, on the 31st of May, at 7:30 pm, in Fournes village of the Platanias Municipality, the local Cultural Club organizes the revival of this old tradition, the Feast of the orange blossom Essence, with special traditional treats, singing, Cretan folk music and dancing.

Don’t miss out on this very special occasion!