The Feast of the Orange Fruit

“The Touring Club of Skines village” organizes, for the second year in a row, a feast which had been  held for twenty consecutive years up to 1981, with the aim of reviving one of the biggest orange-growing villages in the Keritis River area.

In the village of Skines of the Platanias Municipality, during the two days of the feast, Friday 1st August and Saturday 2nd August, you will be offered  plenty of fresh orange juice free of charge and you will have the opportunity to watch folk music and dancing events, take part in  games designed for little (or “older”) children, see visual Arts and photography exhibitions as well as a big “arch” made of hundreds of oranges.

With the orange fruit being the main focal point of the feast, the “Feast of the Orange Fruit” consists of two days of activities. On the first day memorials  will be held in honour of those who gave their life for liberty and there will be honorary events at the relevant Memorial in the heart of the village.

On Saturday , from early afternoon on, there will  be various activities having to do with the orange fruit. At the entrance to the village, very near the village square, a structure will be erected , made of dozens of oranges, while the visitors will be treated to fresh orange juice free of charge.