A century-old characteristic of the Greek people is their hospitality , a unique feature coming from thousands of years ago, travelling through the centuries in their genes .

Hospitality in Crete – and, of course Platanias- has nothing to do with accommodation or finding a nice place to stay . You will be impressed by the warm welcome the people offer visitors, their friendliness, their kindness, their smile and their generosity. It explains the treat offered in the local restaurants , taverns etc at the end of your meal. They bring you a small bottle of “tsikoudia” (or “raki” as it is also called) -a local alcoholic drink – along with other “goodies”, free of charge , to show their pleasure at having you with them. After all, Zeus himself , the ancient god – father of all gods and humans –had declared that visitors were sacred and should be treated accordingly !

Looking for the best possible accommodation?

Whether you are looking for a luxurious hotel to stay during your holidays, or a smaller, quiet one, or even a guest house or a studio, then you can be sure you will find it. What is more, you will be surprised at the reasonable prices.

Have a look at what is available in Platanias.

  • Hotels
  •  Apartments –Studios
  • Rooms for rent
  • Traditional hotels
  • Villas
  • For disabled people
  • Camping (Palaiochora, Kissamos, Nopigia, Drapania, Daratso)