Images from the celebration of Agios Georgios Methistis (little church in Drakiana, Platanias).

Sitting as a centerpiece of our mainland, the byzantine church of Agios Georgios Methistis is celebrated each year on the 3rd of November. This year’s celebration was honored with their presence not only by the students and teachers of both Elementary and High schools of Platanias but also by dozens of pilgrims from Platanias and the surrounding villages and from Chania since our picturesque byzantine chapel is widely known. Everything was beautiful in Drakiana. The main feature of this year’s festivities was the plethora of treats which were offered to the guests no only by many local families but also from Iordanis family, the famous “bougatsa” makers, and an enormous quantity of meat for barbecue offered by the businesses of Platanias to all the students and guests. But the treat that created the most sensation was the ice cream which didn’t stop filling up cones for a second! The end of the celebration came under the huge trees of Drakiana where there was pilafi and boiled meat offered to everyone.

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