On Monday evening, 23 June, plan a visit to ”Apopigadi”……..

If you happen to be enjoying your holidays in our Municipality these days, then plan a visit to “Apopigadi” on Monday evening, 23 June. This a mountain peak of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori), the famous mountain range  of Hania…

On  this mountain  peak there is a very old chapel dedicated to St John the Baptist and , for many, many years , on the eve of the saint’s birthday, on June 23, a great traditional feast has been  held …

A lot of people come to “Apopigadi” every year to pay honour to the saint , whose feast is on the 24th of  June. Here, at an altitude of 1050 m. they enjoy the wonderful view of a unique landscape extending from the city of Hania with  itsVenetian Port to the north ,  Kolymbari and Gramvoussa to the west , Akrotiri and Skloka to the east and , finally, to the south and  the beautiful villages of the Keritis valley up to the very root of the White Mountains. It is truly a magnificent  sight at night with all the glittering of lights from the city of Hania and the little villages all around it , but even more so,  in the morning when the visitor has the opportunity  to watch the sun rising from the depths of the Cretan Sea.

The little chapel of Agios Ioannis was built in 1873 by Stilianos Sifakis, a man from Agia Irini village in Selino. Up to the  year 1897, when the Turks started leaving Crete, this spot was a meeting place for chieftains and revolutionaries.

Now , on the 23rd of June, there is a great feast here with Cretan folk music and dancing, good food and wine all through the night .

Join us and  experience a really unforgettable time !