Nteres Village

As you reach the centre of  Tavronitis ,coming from the direction of Maleme, turn left and follow the road signs leading south towards Voukolies. Approximately 2 km away the road forks off to the left again and brings you to a group of very small but beautiful villages- Syrili, Zounaki and Limni- scenic villages, “swamped” in greenery with amazing paths for nature lovers, ideal spots for relaxation and tranquility.

Follow the country road leading to the heart of the inland, through a route  lined with orange groves, olive groves, walnut trees and huge plane trees and you come to Deres village. It is literally an oasis of the Platanias inland which, due to its natural beauty and its idyllic location, attracts many visitors especially on May Day, the feast of nature.

About 2 kms before entering the village there is a fork of the road leading to a private Riding Club where, apart from horse riding, you can also enjoy culinary delights and relax in the tranquility of the Cretan inland.

A very impressive site, definitely worth a visit, is the chapel of Agia Kyriaki which is literally perched on the rocky hillside among the tall cypress trees on your left as you enter the village.

The road traversing Deres leads outside the village through many small settlements scattered on both sides. When reaching the exit of the village, turn right, drive uphill and you will find yourself in the mountainous villages of Platanias Municipality (Nea Roumata, Prasses, Sebronas, ) or, by turning left and driving downhill you come to Skines, Chliaro, Lagos. The whole itinerary we have just described is the one followed by cyclists participating in the World Cycling Championship held in Platanias every May- the race includes almost all the inland villages,  filling  those taking part with awe at the beauty of the Cretan countryside.