Numerous Platanias football club friends, coming from Scandinavian as well as other European countries…………………..

The Platanias Municipality is a favorite holiday destination for thousands of people coming from all over Europe.

In the last few years our visitors have become acquainted with our Platanias football team, which represents the Hania region  in all Super League stadiums all over Greece. This resulted in quite a few visitors attending the matches of our “red & white” team.

Here is an extract from a relevant article found on the website of our favourite local team :

Numerous  Platanias football club friends, coming from Scandinavian  as well as other European countries, joined local fans in the Perivolia Municipal Stadium last Sunday , in order to enjoy the football match of the local Platanias team against that of Panathinaikos.

Visitors coming mainly from the North,  who are or were  still on holiday in cosmopolitan Platanias and who are  also football fans , took the opportunity to watch the game . In the end , they expressed their regret that, despite the fact that our local team performed very well, they weren’t able to win and acquire valuable points.

By the way, many of these people, who had bought their tickets from the Platanias f.c booths , were given a free lift to the stadium in a bus hired by the Platanias f.c. administration and , after the game was over , the bus took them back to Platanias town -others preferred to drive to the stadium using  means of their choice.”