Round rusk of St Dimitrios

The celebration of St Dimitrios at the Platanias village is linked to many elements of our tradition, among which is the making of the special cakes that we call “Agiodimitriatika” or “Dimitrokouloura” and also “Plataniana”. Their ingredients are closely related to our lifetime memories like groups of housewives helping one another with the cakes, many strong hands, even of young children taking turns in molding and pressing the dough (which was very hard), or the long waiting of the desired raising of the dough and then the baking in wooden oven which soon after infused the whole neighborhood with that particular smell of burning wood, coriander, mastic, and sesame… Together with all these, the prayer of all women to succeed in cake preparation was manifested with a special dance which included the raising of their skirts, symbolizing their wish for the cakes to bake and raise well, so that they can easily brake into pieces that would be offered to guests. These cakes of past ages were not intended to be offered as a whole but in pieces and no housewife was baking them alone but with company in the neighborhood wooden oven if she didn’t have any of her own. Well known was the case of the oven of Κarapatolefteris and Victoria, for which a line of priority was followed since this was the oven in which many of the housewives used to bake their cakes even from lower Platanias.