Run with Kiliaris river.

The Municipality of Apokoronas with its Charitable Organization, the Association of Runners for Health of Chania and the remaining local associations and authorities collaborate on the organization of an athletic and entertaining activity which involves walking or running easy enough for parents and children and invite you all to participate. 1) Running race (Kalives -Nio Chorio-Stilos) 13.5km 2) Trail route for running or walking (Nio Chorio-Stilos) 6km 3) Student trail running or walking route for Elementary and High School students (Armeni-Stilos) 3.5km All three beautiful naturalistic routes are relatively easy and of great interest, full of rich vegetation, running mainly beside Kiliaris River and offer elements of amazing natural beauty. June is considered the best period to visit the place during which the full blossom is combined with the presence of water across almost all the length of Kiliaris River.