Ten days of skydiving at the historical Airport of Maleme!!!

The Platanias Municipality and the Cretan Association of Skydiving”Skydive Crete” in co- operation with Skydive Sardenia , are holding a ten-day Skydiving event, a real feast, in the Historical Airport of Maleme, from Friday, August 29 up to Sunday, September 7.

During this ten-day period, apart from the experienced skydivers, anyone who wishes to, even if they are completely inexperienced,  will be given the opportunity to experience skydiving at least once.

Under absolutely  safe circumstances , they can perform a “Tandem” jump over the Historical Maleme Airport. In a Tandem jump, a person  undergoes a very brief (10 minutes) session during which he receives instructions ,after which session he /she is tied onto the experienced trainer with special equipment. They perform the dive together, using a special parachute designed for two people. The trainer undertakes every necessary step , from the exit from the aircraft to the landing, while the inexperienced “learner” enjoys the most exhilarating experience of his life. 50 Tandem jumps have already been scheduled, but, needless to say, the total number is expected to “climb” well over 100 by the end of the ten-day event.

Visitors can also enjoy the sight of skydiving by experienced divers, while 10 beginners have enrolled,  wishing to go through the training session in order to be able to learn how to skydive on their own.

The Municipality of Platanias has organized, in the same venue, and all during the event , a special exhibition , mainly of photographs –as well as  other material, showing the historical significance of the airport and all the Maleme area during World War II. The Platanias Municipality firmly supports all events that help in the direction of making known and re-enforcing its efforts to claim the historical airport and use it for the benefit of the local society.

For further information and scheduling dives, please contact :

6942 973801, 6977 291440 και 6932 471647,

email:  damanakisk@yahoo.gr

or visit us on facebook at:


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