The Happiest Christmas Charity event in Chania!

The organization of Santa Run, in collaboration with local public representatives, is happy to announce the 5th Santa Run in Chania, on Sunday the 27th of December, at 1:00pm for the relief of ”ELEPAP”,” ΚIFAMEA”, ”ΚIFAP OR MEGALOCHARI” and ”ΟRIZONTAS”, charity organizations which are dedicated to the health misfortunes of our fellow children. It is a festive event, parody of the famous Santa Run which takes place in various cities of the world every December, during which the participants dressed as Santa march through Chania. The whole town is present, from the owners of the shops on the route who provide the participants with various treats to the local djs who fill the atmosphere with their festive tunes. All the participants of Santa Run are winners since everyone contributes to our fellow children in need.