The Platanias municipality

Endless beaches and tall mountains, beautiful plateaus and famous gorges, quiet little villages but also very lively night life –these are only some of the contradictory characteristics that comprise the land of the Municipality of Platanias. It is the combination of all these differences and characteristics which , in a strange way, form an absolutely harmonious surrounding for pleasant holidays.

Whether travelling on your own or with friends and family, whether you’re looking for a peaceful break from your hectic daily routine or holidays with intense entertainment, whether a nature lover or passionate with history and culture, Platanias could very well be the ideal holiday destination for you . Recently, within the borders of the Platanias Municipality, new destinations of great tourist interest are being developed. Maleme , the symbol of the Battle of Crete and World War II, Gerani the fishing village with its beautiful beaches, Deres with its unique natural beauty and hospitable people, Vouves with the oldest olive tree on earth and Omalos with its the scenic trails and proud mountains , are only a few of them.

Platanias has recently developed into the most important tourist resort of the greater Western Crete region since the number and quality of choices and facilities make it unique and self-functioning.What is great about this village is that you can enjoy everything without having to move away from where you are based . Platanias is full of excellent restaurants and tavernas emphasizing the local cuisine and local products, grown in the area, magic beaches with all the necessary facilities, especially intense night life and the old town perched on the hill top overlooking the sea and the beautiful colours of the scenery all day…

Alongside its tourist development, Platanias shows significant development in agricultural produce with top quality products such as olive oil and fruit. Every year, around the end of July and the beginning of August, we hold our annual Festival called “Earth, Culture and Tourism” , where our visitors can get a taste of our local products and watch cultural events.

From the noisy northern coasts to the unique trails on the Lefka Ori ( White Mountains) there is always something for you to enjoy. With its beautiful beaches (all awarded blue flags) and their crystal clear waters and trips to places where no human has ever intervened, to beach bars, marine sports, loud music and parties, from fish taverns on the seaside to gourmet restaurants , from sunrise to sunset, Platanias is the ideal place for your holidays!

Come and explore it ….