Thodorou Island

This is the name of the little island located opposite of Platanias town in the middle of the bay. From the top of Pano Platanias village the island looks like a gigantic turtle with its mouth open just as if it’s ready to bite at or attack something.

There are daily boat trips from the little Platanias port to Thodorou Island so you can go there for swimming, taking pictures and diving. The island itself is not accessible since there are “kri-kri” and other small animals growing there. They are facing danger of extinction so there are guards forbidding visitors from setting foot on the island and, naturally, hunting. The only day of the year when the island can be accessed is on the name day of Agios Theodoros so, on June 8, there are hundreds of people visiting the island , crossing by boat either from Agia Marina village or from Platanias.