The Tourist Information Kiosk!

On coming to Platanias village and entering its main square, the info kiosk is the “reception” desk for our visitors.

It is a well-organized “office” providing information to our visitors, having the best trained staff, in order to inform our visitors on anything having to do with our municipality and the surrounding area.

It is open at least 12 hours daily all through the week.

The kiosk  also provides  visitors with a variety of printed material ( maps, brochures, travel guides , etc. ) having to do with the sights and the infrastructure of the Municipality of Platanias.

There is also a computer available with access to the Internet.

The info kiosk is a point for immediate and personal information for the visitors of the Platanias region.

Information can be obtained only by coming to the kiosk.

This is not  a “promotion”  kiosk aiming at advertising local private businesses  or specific areas of our Municipality.