Travel Tips

When in Platanias, don’t miss out on ….

  • Tasting the unique treat called “kalitsounia”
  • Tasting our rare wild greens in various salads or Cretan Cuisine recipes
  • To drink a hot beverage brewed from local aromatic herbs such as malotira, salvia or diktamos
  • To try a dessert of yoghurt served with honey, or “sfakianes pites”, or “loukoumades” (hard-crusted doughnuts)
  • To freshen up with cold local refreshments such as “gazoza”-a locally made fizzy drink- with the bubble gum taste or “biral” a locally made cola.
  • To enjoy the sounds of the lyra and Cretan folk music. If possible, try to attend one of our traditional local feasts.
  • To visit our world-famous beaches especially Balos, Elafonissi ,Falassarna
  • To visit the old Venetian Port in Chania as well as the Market Place.

Last but not least…….

Keep in mind that the Cretan people are famous for their hospitality . If you go by the local café ,for example, and stop to ask for information, you will be invited to join them and they will treat you to, at least some raki , or even to eat and feast with them. This is a sign of a new friendship and a warm welcome to their land !