Travelling in Platanias

How to get to Platanias

From Chania Airport to Platanias. 

Platanias is 11 km from Chania, and you get there by taking the National Road from Chania to Kissamos. It’s a major tourist destination and there are detailed signs, so don’t worry about missing the exit from the National Road to the Platanias resort.

On leaving the National Road you find yourself at a large crossroads. Directly opposite is a sign pointing to Platanias and Agia Marina, and another pointing to Maleme and Kolymbari. Take the correct route and about 1 kilometre further on you will see the sign welcoming you to Platanias. Even if you miss the sign, the area is so built-up you will definitely know you’ve arrived.

If you turn off the National Road towards the village of Ano Stalos, you will find yourself on the coast road to Agia Marina. Keep straight on to Platanias. The seaside road from Ano Stalos is a very good one, so take it if you’d rather enjoy a drive along the coast.

From Souda Bay Port to Platanias. 

This is exactly the same route as that from Chania Airport. From Souda, exit onto the Rethymno-Chania National Road. Don’t enter Chania itself or you’ll get bogged down in traffic.

Getting to Platanias by bus from Chania Airport. 

There are no direct buses from Chania Airport to Platanias. You have to change buses in Chania.

Getting to Platanias by bus from Chania. 

If you haven’t got your own transport, there are regular local buses to and from Chania every day. Especially in the summer, there are plenty of buses all day.

Getting to Platanias by car from Chania. 

From Chania town centre, take Kissamou Avenue, which leads to the coast road to Platanias. It’s an easy route and you can’t get lost.


How to reach Chania


Chania can be reached by air at Chania National Airport “I. Daskalogiannis”. The flight lasts about 50-55 minutes and the airport is located at 14 km distance from New Chania Town (about 20 minutes drive). Bus routes are available from the airport to the town.

Chania National Airport: www.chania-airport.com Tel.: +30 28210 83800 / Fax: +30 28210 66100

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos: www.aia.gr


Olympic Air: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Olympic Air website www.olympicair.com

Tel.: 801 801 0101/+30 210 3550500

Hania Office Tel.: 80111 44444/+30 28210 53760-1

Office at Chania Airport Tel.: +30 28210 63171/+30 28210 63264/+30 28210 66088


Aegean Air: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit Aegean Air website www.aegeanair.com

Tel.: 801 112 0000/+30 210 6261000

Hania Office: +30 28210 51100

Office at Chania Airport: Tel.: +30 28210 63366


Chania prefecture has in general many ports. The main port though is the one in Souda, where ferry boats from Piraeus have frequent routes. There are two boats per day for Souda port, one departing from Piraeus in the morning and arriving at Souda in the afternoon and the other departing from Piraeus in the evening and arriving early in the morning. The trip to Chania takes about 8-8,5 hours. Souda is located at about 10km from Chania New Town and it will take you about 15 minutes to reach it.

ANEK LINES: For accurate timetable and ticket costs visit ANEK LINES website www.anek.gr

There is also another port in Kissamos, used for routes from/to Peloponnese and Kythera Island. The company performing these trips is Anen Lines.

Kissamos Port Authority: For accurate timetable and ticket costs call here +30 28220 22024.

Chania is a contemporary city offering all sorts of services and transportation means to the visitor. You can move around the town and the entire prefecture by buses, taxis, long distance buses (KTEL) that travel to regions and villages outside the main town or you could even rent your own car or motorbike and enjoy the flexibility according your needs and desires.

Normal in-town buses depart from Municipality Market Square and 1866 Square and go to all areas of the town. KTEL buses main station is in Kidonias Street and in other touristic areas of the prefecture like Elafonissi, Sfakia, Kastelli, Vrisses and Paleochora. For accurate timetables and routes, you should definitely call at the main stations.


Chania Town Buses Tel.: +30 28210 93345/+30 28210 98115
Long Distance Buses (KTEL) Tel.: +30 28210 93052/+30 28210 93306


There are main taxi stands in various spots in Platanias, but the safest way is it call at the following numbers: +30 28210 60600


Municipality of Platanias is a very large district offering many choices for car or motorbike rentals. All over the town of Chania but also in all the villages you will be able to find many agencies that rent cars or motorbikes.