Vatolakkos village ………. tour in East mainland, Municipality of Platanias.

This is one more “orange growing” village, “hidden “in the green of orange groves which the visitor comes across when leaving Alikianos behind and heading Southwest to the inland. It is a village rich in spots of spectacular natural beauty, many Traditional spots and places worth visiting.

As you enter the village, you come to the village square, next to the little river crossing the village, with the tall plane trees and the scenic cafes where you can enjoy your coffee or a drink or even a typical Cretan cuisine meal cooked with pure local ingredients.

On the village square you can see and visit the main church of the village dating back to the 14th century AD. It consists of two aisles: one dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul and on the 28th June every year a big feast is organized here in their honour with plenty of food, wine, Cretan music and dancing, and a second one dedicated to Agios Fanourios . Right next to the Church you can see the old Primary School of the village as well as “the Clock”,a clock tower donated by a resident of the village in honour of all the residents who were killed by the Nazis .

A little wooden bridge leads away from the square over the little river to the Museum of the “Oil Factory & the Oil Tree” where the visitor can get to know what old olive presses were like and all the equipment used years ago for the production of olive oil, as well as in many farming and agricultural activities.

If we leave the village square and all it has to offer behind, cross the village and come to its southern part, apart from the picturesque little roads and houses we meet along the way, we come across the renovated facilities- as well as the more modern facilities added some years ago- of a Wine Factory. Here you can take part in wine tasting sessions but you can also enjoy a delicious meal or even coffee in truly unbelievable surroundings which very successfully combine the past with the present!

Another impressive route, which was recently presented by the locals especially for nature lovers, is the one leading from Valsamiotis Dam to the square of the village. A trail, 1km long, with historic character based on the tales of the elder, was the main escape route to the mountains for the people of Vatolakkos during the Turkish and German occupation. Prinos, Planes, Oaks, Carob trees and many other tree species compose a unique setting while the trail follows the stream from the dam until the village through a route of remarkable beauty.

Create valuable memories for a whole lifetime in one of the most picturesque locations of the Municipality of Platanias!