The cultural Association of Vouves organizes for the 30th consecutive year the Wine Festival, on 8 and 9 August, in the village of Vouves in the municipality of Platanias

This is an event, which is dedicated to the age-old tradition of the village in wine-making and to the well-knowned for the excellent quality local wine, which is offered free of charge to the thousands of visitors of the feast.

In this year’s event, on Friday, August 8, the Greek band “Octava” will entertain us, with the participation of the dancing association “Pelasgoi” and on Saturday 9 August, the Cretan group of Nikos Zoidakis, while traditional dances will be performed by the Roumatiani and the Loysakiani Cretan folk dancing companies.

Entrance fee: 5 €.  Children up to 10 years free of charge.